SEO For Magento: Homepage Optimization

Don’t worry you can be excused for thinking that improving our most competitive keyword (super broad keywords such as candy, or hockey sticks) on the home page would lead to the best results. Be that as it may, when you take into account the relevance of our home page, does it truly match our keyword? The answer is; No, it normally doesn’t.

Much of the time, the home page should be utilized solely as a place for building your brand identity. Our brand identity is the heart and soul of your business and it is how customers will remember us long after they’ve purchased our goods and exited our website.  Think about some of the big brands and how they make you “feel”.  McDonalds, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Wal-mart.  They all elicit a different emotion response and for some it is happy and for others it is stress.  Now take some time to think about how you want your online store to elicit emotions and that will start you off to create your brand identity.

purchase-cycle-intentTo move forward and optimize your homepage you can use high level keywords on your homepage that match the brand.  For example, if you are the Canadian Hockey Stick Company it might be acceptable for you to use the words “Hockey Stick” on your homepage.  It would also work out if you were selling a single product on a one pager (a website without many product detail pages).

Keep in mind the buying intent of your website traffic.  The buying intention of our visitors will almost certainly differ between your homepage and your product details page.  If you think about your website as a funnel with the Homepage being at the top of the funnel and the checkout success page being the bottom of the funnel the buying intent is lowest at the top and the highest at the bottom.  Typically, a user entering our website via a broad phrase will have less of an intention to buy our products than a visitor entering our website through a more specific, product-related search term.   This is especially true if you have a site that provides a lot of valueable content to visitors other than just buying items.  An example here would be you offering a fun fact or history lesson with each hockey stick that you are trying to sell.  While the goal is to convert people and earn revenue they will also learn about the history of hockey and of the stick manufacturer.

In summation you want to focus your meta descriptions and meta title on broad keywords to bring in high level, low buying intent customers.  Ideally, if you are running ads or optimizing correctly people will not enter through your homepage as much as category or product pages, but people have a tendency to fall back to the homepage as a warm cozy blanket.