What is RMA in Magento and what are the RMA types?


What is RMA in Magento and what are the RMA types?


    1. RMA is the “return management authorization module” in Magento Enterprise.
    2. The three RMA types are
      1. Store Credit, Refund, Exchange;  the customer can request one of thees types when they request an RMA from the Account Dashboard (within the completed order)

  • Perry

    Hi Mike. Thanks for this overview. I hope to move to Magento EE one day. Currently I’m using CE which doesn’t provide RMA feature out of the box, I have a special extension instead (RMA by Amasty).
    If an online store has a clear return policy, it seems more trusted. And even if a customer returns an item, he may buy something in the future from this shop again if the return process went smooth.

  • TheDigitalPM

    Yeah, EE provides additional features outside of the community core, but you can basically add anything you need to community edition. How are you liking the RMA from Amasty? I’ve used alot of Amasty extensions but never that one.