What are digital project managers and web project management?

What are digital project managers and web project management?

Over the years, the role of project management has shifted from strict waterfall positions in construction and big business to online web and digital projects. Digital project managers lead the creative and technical development of digital advertising products, such as electronic commerce (eCommerce) and promotional websites, e-mail newsletter marketing, rich media/blog content, banner advertisements (Adroll and remarketing), mobile applications (Apple and Android), and social media applications to name a few.   Process and documentation are still key to success (as it was 50 years ago) but it’s really more about efficiency and ‘quick’ delivery for today’s digital project manager.

In addition to the delivery of web projects, digital project managers must had a decent knowledge of core concepts such as online marketing, creative design, layout design, coding/development, and business goals planning such as SMART goals.   By the very nature of the position you must wear many hats and be able to take one off to replace it with another even on a hour GoToMeeting conversation.  Essentially, digital project managers ensure the integrated elements of digital projects come together on time and meet stakeholder expectations for data integrity and product quality.


Digital project managers are required to be technology savvy and always be learning new web and digital standards (SEO/SEM/PCI) to continue to keep up with the times.  Using new technology web project management entails producing deep work plans and coordinating with an internal creative and development team and technical staff to create large implementations ranging from a few thousand dollars all the way up to multi-million dollar projects.

Although the post-secondary education and professional experience required for digital project manager jobs may vary by employer, industry and technology type, many managers have a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, communications, computer science or management information systems. Typically web project managers or eCommerce project managers are bred not born and it takes many years of implementations and experience to be efficient in practice.  In general, employers looking to fill digital project manager jobs prefer qualified candidates who are creative, have excellent communication skills and have marketing or advertising agency experience and demonstrate the ability to lead concurrent projects of varying size and complexity.

There is not playbook for Digital or Web Project Management, but rather it is the school of hard knocks.  You can prepare yourself with blog posts and use cases, but the best way to grow in the industry is dive deep into the process of “doing”.

– Mike

The Digital Project Manager

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